We are proud to list the following organizations, companies, individuals, and families as sponsors of the Walpole High Film Festival:

No organization has done more to help us get to where we are today. The WCF gave us an initial grant of over $5,000 to get us off the ground and has since given us multiple grants for computers, cameras, and equipment. In addition to helping the Film Festival, the WCF has awarded over $625,000 to different Walpole programs since its inception in 1992. You can learn more about the Walpole Computer foundation on their website: www.walpolecomputerfoundation.org

Red Carpet




The Law Office of Sabina T. Carty

Stop and Shop

Big Y

Junior  Women’s Club of Walpole

Century 21 American Properties

James and John Turco Insurance Inc.

Walpole Physical Therapy

J.H. Delaney Funeral Home

Alexander F. Thomas & Sons Funeral Home

Competitive Power Ventures

You can learn more about CPV on their website: http://www.cpv.com/



The Camera Company

When students ask where to go to buy cameras, tripods, microphones, etc. I point them to these guys. Not only do they have everything to do with video production, they know everything to do with video production. Check them out at 858 Rte 1 in Norwood. Their website is http://www.cameraco.com/


These are the guys that print our posters. Everything they do is professional and to the whim of their customers. If you need a poster from the past three years, go to these guys and tell them the name of the poster and the year it was done. They’re located Rts 1 & 27; 434 High Plain St. (across from the Big Y parking lot).

Visit their website: http://www.signaramawalpole.com/

The Walpole Computer Foundation